Triton’s D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Triton’s 5e are an outsider race native to the seas but hailing from the Elemental Plane of Water. They guard the depths of the ocean, building small settlements beside deep trenches and other dangerous spots far from the land-bound folk’s eye.They have very good relations with giant sea horses, sea lions, and hippocampi.

Triton 5e

Tritons entered the world centuries ago in response to the increasing threat of evil elements. They waged a lot of wars against their enemies on the Plane of Water, driving them in the dark depths where they ran into crushed pressures and darkness.Tritons saw that their oldenelemental enemies had grown down silent. We just finished a detailed guide about firbolg 5e race in dnd now you learn more about this race for free.

Triton Statistics

Size Medium
Type Humanoid
Alignment Usually Lawful good

Triton General Info

Vision Darkvision
Average Lifespan 200 years
Favored Climate Temperate
Language’s Aquan, Common,Primordial
Favored Terrain Aquatic

Triton Appearance

Average Height 5 ft (1.52 m)
Skin Color Silver, silver-blue
Hairstyles Deep blue, green-blue

In-depth expeditions revealed that sahuagin, krakens, and very bad foes had escaped the water plane for the material plane.Inspired by the spirit of duty and responsibility, Tritons will not allow their enemies to escape so easily. A great conclave of them chose volunteers who are skilled in magic and weapons as part of an expeditionary force to enter the Material plane and search out for their foes. Those Tritons spread to the ocean of the world. They established protectorates to watch over the deep sea trenches, undersea caves and portals etc.They defeated their enemies after finding them and concealed the rest.When their enemies banished to the deep reach of the sea, Triton settled to see for any sign of their return. Tritons built outposts to create trade with other races by extending their stewardship over the sea floor from their initial settlements. Despite the expansion, there are only a few people who know them. If you want to learn dragonborn average height and other things about this race now you can learn.

D&D 5e Triton Traits

5e Triton character of yours has the following traits:

Alignment–They tend towards chaotic neutral and will do anything to ensure the safety of their own. Tritons are extremely paranoid.

AbilityScoreIncreases – Strength, Constitution and Charisma scores increases by 1 of your Triton character

Age – Around the age of 15 years, tritons get matured. The lifespan of tritons is 200 years

Amphibious–Your triton character can breathe water and air

Size– Tritons stand 5 feet tall which is slightly less than humans. Size of your character is medium

Speed–Base walking speed of tritons is 30 feet and swimming speed is also 30 feet

Darkvision–Adapted to the dreary and dark environment of the shadowfell, tritons can see in low lights very well. In the dark light, they can see like as if it were low light. Colors cannot be perceived by tritons in darkness.

ThickSkin – Adapted for the toxic swamps of shadowfell, you have resistance to poison damage, and you ignore any deficiency caused by toxic environments. You cannot even take poison conditions.

ControlEarthAndWater–With this trait, you can cast poison spray. And at the starting of 3rd level, you can cast a stone shape with this trait. Moreover, starting at 5th level, you can cast wall of water with it. After using this trait to cast a spell, you can’t cast with it again without finishing long rest. For these spells, Charisma is your spellcasting ability. Here the article where you can learn everything about bugbear 5e

Languages–Common and Primordial can be spoke, read and written by your character.

D&D Triton 5e Names

Most of the triton names have 2 or 3 syllables. Typically, the names of the males end with a vowel and the letter ‘s’. on the other hand, the female names end with a letter ‘n’. Their home protectorates are used as a surname with the name that is formed by adding a vowel followed by a “th” to the end of the protectorate’s name.

Male Triton’s Names – Keros, Molos, Nalos, Vodos, Zunis, Corus, Delnis, Jhimas

Female Triton’s Names –Otanyn, Shalryn, Vlaryn, Wolyn,Aryn, Belthyn, Duthyn, Feloren

Triton’s Surnames –Ahlorsath, Vuuvaxath,Pumanath

The Personality of Triton 5e D&D

Tritons mean well far from flawless, but they are paranoid of others. They are an aquatic humanoid creature which is loosely based on the merman god Triton from geek mythology. Tritons are usually neutron in alignment and the neutral enemies of the sahuagin. From the swamp quirks table, you can select, adapt or roll a triton-specific quirk. Swamp Triton Quirks table is mentioned below:

D6 Quirk
1 You are paranoid that new people are out to get you.
2 You don’t talk much, if at all.
3 You learned an antiquated version of Common and drop “thee” and “thou” into your speech.
4 You assume that people are telling you the truth about local customs and expectations.
5 You have an unhealthy obsession with small critters, like chipmunks.
6 You mistakenly assume that surface folk know about and are impressed by your people’s history..


Triton Staunch Champions

Despite the off-putting manners of Tritons, they are a generous creature at the heart and they are confident that other decent races deserve their protection. Attitude for tritons might grate but they are the first to protect others when pirate fleets prowl the waves. They love to sacrifice for the common good and can fight and die without question for merfolk, humans and other creatures. The self-absorbed nature of tritons makes them overlook the history of other creatures. It is the belief of the tritons that they owe a debt of honor to the world and to pay this, they can fight and die and also check out 5e goblin stats and names etc..

Triton Surface Strangers

Most of the Tritons have never been to the surface world. They think that out of the water they cannot move up and down easily. They remain innocent for the surface world for their proud culture. Typical protectorate of the Triton is tightly regimented and unified around a common cause. A triton on the surface is easily confused by the strange array of alliances, rivals, and small complaints that prevent the surface from actually uniting people.

Get Out Of My Swamp – Swamp creatures have an extraordinary relationship with your people. With this poisonous creature, you can communicate simple ideas. Though you have no special ability to understand them, but they can well understand the meaning of your words.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What Do Triton’s look like?

A: Basically, the triton’s resemble aquatic elves in their upper half, but their lower halves are mostly fish-like, with the scaly legs and also webbed feet. Actually, the triton’s are able to magically summon the water elementals and also the other creatures of the sea for coming to their aid. Finally, the triton is usually neutral in the alignment.

Q: What is a triton d&d?

A: The triton’s guard in d&d is the ocean depths, building small settlements beside the deep trenches and portals to the elemental planes and also the other dangerous spots far from the eyes of the land-bound folk.

Q: Can Triton’s Breath underwater?

A: Of course, we can already breath underwater. As per the maker and the triton’s setup extracts the oxygen from the water and also a micro compressor will take the oxygen and also stores it- So, supposedly allowing you to breathe the underwater for up to the 45 minutes.

Q: Do triton’s have the darkvision?

A: No they do not have the darkvision, but they should have had it.

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