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Welcome To The Home Of Online, Fillable, and Printable D&D Character Sheets

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most popular tabletop roleplaying games of all time. We have special character sheets to use with Dungeons and Dragons; the 5e character sheets are fillable, printable, and customizable character sheets housed completely on your computer.

We provide all types of character sheets for you to use in your own D&D game. We have everything from 5e to 3.5, and even Pathfinder character sheets.

What Makes These Character Sheets Different?

Hands down, these are the best character sheets a D&D player could use, and here’s why; the version provided below is entirely fillable online, savable, and editable completely online. That means you don’t have to write it out by hand. It’s entirely editable, and no change you make to it is permanent. 

Gone are the days of wasting paper, frantically searching for a pencil, or even trying to remember where you put the dang sheet itself! All you have to do is open your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet, and you’re playing with a fully customized experience in seconds. New skills or inventory added mid-session? Type it in and you’re ready to go. 

I have been playing D&D for years. Because of this, I have seen many versions of D&D character sheets, and have created many incredible characters with them. These character sheets are by far the most convenient digital D&D character sheets I’ve ever used.

Free Resources to Help Build Your Character

D&D 5e Character Sheet: Here is the infamous D&D 5e character sheet for you to use for free!  If you want more details about these sheets, there is plenty of information in the link above. To get those sheets just click on the link and the file will save automatically on your device.

D&D 3.5e Character Sheet: Here is our D&D 3.5e character sheet. Just like the 5e character sheet, the link also contains more information on the sheet itself. 

Languages: There are many languages across the Forgotten Realms that help create a diverse and unique world for players to interact with. If you want to know more about said languages, we have a whole D&D languages page dedicated to them.

Character Generator: This D&D 5e Random Character Generator will help you make an entirely random character for you to play with in your next game!

Frequently Asked Questions Of D&D 5e Character Sheet

What Class Can My Character Be In Dungeons And Dragons?

  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock
  • Wizard

How Do You Roll For Stats In D&D?

  • With a 6-sided die then you roll 4 times per stat. You take the three highest dice ‘scores’ out of the four dice, and add them together for the stat of your choice. Repeat for all of the stats!
  • Don’t want to roll that many dice? Instead, you can take the pre-determined scores of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 of the “Standard Set” and choose which stats you want to allocate each score to. 

What Is Constitution In D&D?

  • Constitution is a term that encompasses the character’s physique, toughness, health, and resistance to disease and poison. Higher constitutions are associated with more hit points as well. 

What Is A D&D Campaign?

A ‘campaign’ is the story being played out during a session of Dungeons and Dragons. 

What Is Proficiency Bonus?

A proficiency bonus is extra points a player may add to a dice roll associated with an activity their character is ‘proficient’, or talented, in. 

Basic Aspects Of the D&D 5e Character Sheet

New to Dungeons and Dragons, but don’t know what goes into a character sheet? Here’s a glossary of terms you’ll find on our fillable character sheets. 

  • SKILLS: Just like real life, these are your character’s skills.
  • FEATURES AND TRAITS: These are highly-specific skills that have abilities that are useful to D&D gameplay. 
  • HIT POINTS: Hit points are a score indicating the current life your character has left. 
  • CHARACTER BELIEFS: Religious character? Athiest? In a world of fantasy creatures, there is a wide variety of beliefs to choose for your character. 
  • EQUIPMENT: Simply put, this is the equipment your character is currently in possession of. 
  • PROFICIENCIES: Proficiencies are skills that your character is talented in, which gives you bonus points to add to dice rolls associated with that skill. 
  • ABILITY SCORES: There six basic ability scores; Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charism. These influence the abilities of your character.
  • ATTACKS AND SPELLCASTING: This is what actions your character can take during a fight!

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