Fey Teleportation DnD 5E

Prerequisite: Elf (high)

As per this dnd 5e feat your study of high elven lore has been unlocked the fey power which is few other elves could be possess, but except your eladrin cousins. Also the drawing up on your fey ancestry, that you can momentarily stride via a Feywild to a shorten your path from a one place to an another place. You can also gain the below mentioned benefits:

As per this fey teleportation dnd 5e feat you can enhance your Intelligence or the Charisma score by 1, up to the maximum of 20.

You can also learn to speak, read, and also write the sylvan language.

You can even learn a misty step spell and also it can cast it once without an expending a spell slot. You can even regain the ability for being casting it in this particular way whenever you finish a short or the long rest. Also the Intelligence is your spellcasting avility for this particular spell.

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