Keen Mind 5E Feat

You have the mind which is capable to track time, different directions, and even some details with the uncanny precision. The uses for keen mind 5e has been mentioned below:

  • It can increase your Intelligence by 1, almost to the maximum of 20.
  • You always know which way is north and similarly other directions too.
  • However you can also know how the number of hours have been left before a next sunrise or else the sunset.
  • You can accurately recall anything else that you have seen or else heard within a past month.

Keen Mind vs Observant 5E Feat

Observant: This feat is very much helpful for a passive perception bonus and the lip-reading (it is great for recon through the find familiar).

Keen Mind: Al though we can observe some value in this keen mind for the sake of its ability for perfectly recalling things that you’ve seen. However we can imagine which is able to copy all the spells into my spell book all after taking the quick peek at the level of scroll (but it does not purchase it) or else the different wizard’s spell book.

But any other parts of this dnd feat are rather pointless (or else achievable through any equipment).

These are the differences between keen mind dnd 5e feat and observant dnd 5e feat. If you have any thoughts on these feats you can leave a comment below.

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