Shield Master 5E Feat

As per this shield master dnd feat you can use the shields but not just for the sake of protection also for offense. However you can gain the below mentioned benefits during you are the wielding a shield:

  • If you do take an attack action on your turn, and also you can use the bonus action for trying to shove the creature almost within 5 feet of you by using your shield.
  • Al though if you’re not incapacitated and also you can add your shield’s AC bonus for any of the dexterity saving throw which you would make against the spell or else some other harmful effect which normally targets only to you.
  • If you’re subjected to an effect which formarly allows you to make the dexterity saving throw for being take only half damage, however you can use any of your reactions for taking none of the damages if you succeed on the saving throw, al though simply by interposing your personal shield in between the yourself and even the sources of the effect.


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