What Universal Remote Works With Roku

Roku devices are the best streaming devices with unique features. If you lost your Roku device remote or are looking for a remote replacement, I suggest a few universal remotes for controlling the Roku device. The universal remotes give a great experience, and you can get all the features of your original remote in the universal remote. Let’s see what universal remote works with Roku below.

GE Universal Remote For Roku Devices

GE is the most popular brand worldwide, and the remote controls 99% of entertainment devices. First, I recommend the GE remote because its usage and programming are much simpler, and you can control all the functions of your Roku device with this remote. In addition, the GE universal remote allows you to program it in three ways. If you have a device code, you can choose the ge cl5 code entry method, and if you don’t have a device code compatible with your Roku device, you can opt for the auto-code search method or brand code search method.

ONN Universal Remote For Roku Device

ONN is the best universal remote due to its amazing features and solid infrared signals. You can choose a programming method in the following two ways. ONN allows you to program in two methods: code entry method and auto-code search method. As well its programming will complete within a minute and effortlessly. It is my second recommended remote for your Roku device.

RCA Universal Remote For Roku Device

RCA is a fantastic universal remote due to its advanced features. Like other universal remotes, you will need to program the rca universal remote codes for tcl roku tv device. This remote allows you to program it in the code entry method. You don’t need any technical knowledge to program this remote.

See the RCA remote programming instructions (Interlink)

Philips Universal Remote For Roku Device

Philips is the most popular universal remote and controls all types of entertainment devices, including your Roku device. If you are looking for a remote replacement, it is the choice for your Roku device due to its unique features. You can enjoy all your favorite shows using this remote. You will need to program this remote before using it for your Roku device.

Bell Universal Remote For Roku Device

Bell is a universal remote that controls Roku devices and other entertainment devices, such as TV, DVDs, and VCRs. It has fantastic features, and you can use this remote for other entertainment devices in your room. Its programming and usage are also much easy.

Conclusion: The remotes recommended above help to control Roku devices, and you can get all the benefits of your Roku remote in these universal remotes. This remotes list is the most popular worldwide, and you don’t need much effort to use them for your Roku devices

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