Antimagic Field D&D 5th Edition

  • Level: 8th (abjuration)
  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Self (10-foot-radius sphere)
  • School: Abjuration
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

Antimagic Field D&D 5e makes use of 5 foot diameter individual sphere to cast the spell, after the completion of spell, the sphere will move forward to the centre.

Antimagic Field 5e

The entire casting time is of 1 caption and has a range of 0-foot-radius sphere. Antimagic Field is the 8 th level abjuration and a pinch of iron filings are used as the complements.

Components and duration are V, S, M ( can also use powdered iron ) and can take up to 60 minutes.

An invisible sphere of antimagic surrounds you, it is of 10 feet ratio. The entire area is divided from the magician energy. The creatures usually disappeared from the square and at the magic component gets mundane. By the end of spells, you notice the sphere moving along with you. It is included in your center. When it comes to the spells and other similar magic effects, all are supposed except the ones creates an artifact or a diety. The Antimagic Field 5e spell cant passes through it. The suppressed spell is consumed and when the overall effect is reduced it won’t function, but the entire duration to suppress it will be counted against the overall duration.

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Targeted Effects

The effect of spells and other similar activities can target and individual or object inside the sphere. It has zero effect on the target.

Areas of Magic. The entire area of the spell or the magic effect would not extend inside the sphere, the case will be same for fireball. When the sphere overlaps the entire magical area, the part which is covered inside the sphere is suppressed. For an instance, the flames in the wall of fire are reduced within the sphere, it will create a gap inside the wall.

Spells. When the spell is active or other magical effects are actively working on any particular object or creature inside the sphere is reduced. This happens when the object is inside the sphere.

Magic Items. The main properties of magic weapon insides suppressing the power, the same power is used against any given target inside the sphere. It can also be attacker inside the sphere.  When the magic weapon completely leaves the sphere the entire magic of the object suppressed as soon as it leaves.

Magical Travel. The travels like teleportation and planar don’t work inside the sphere. It won’t even work in the case of destination or during the departure point. Absolutely fail travel. A movement or transition to another new location or place or world or opening or a new space like which is created by the rope trick sleeps can temporarily close when it is inside the sphere.

Creatures and Objects. Any object or creature takes order by any magical temporarily leaves the sphere area.All those creatures will quickly reappear after the entire space is occupied by other and it is no longer inside the sphere.

Dispel Magic.The new effect which includes spells and magical effects like the dispel magic has zero effect inside the sphere. It does not function inside it and the news is, the sphere formed by different anti-mac files spells will not suppress each other.

Antimagic Field 5e

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