Call Lightning 5E Spell In DnD

  • Level: 3 (Conjuration)
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: V, S
  • Range(area): 120 ft
  • Attack(save): DEX save
  • Damage(effect): Lightning
  • School: Conjuration
  • Duration: 10 Minutes

Call Lightning 5e

You can see a storm cloud which is 100 meters above from you and that cloud measurement are it has a cylindrical shape with 10 feet tall and 60-foot radius. If you failed to see a cloud where you have to target a point in the air then automatically the spell will fail, mostly it would occur when you are in a room which cannot give a space to appear the cloud.

Whenever you cast the spell, you have to choose a point which you can see perfectly within a range. A bolt of lightning flashes will be down from the cloud to the point which you targeted. But each and every creature which has 5 feet distance from that point must make a Dexterity saving throw.

When you got a failed save then the creature can take 3d10 lightning damage but if you got a successful save then the creature can half as much damage. You can use your action until the spell ends on each of your turns like to call down lightning in this way again by targeting the different one or it might be the same point.

When the climate is in stormy conditions and you were at outdoors then you can cast Call Lightning 5e spell and this spell will give you full protection by controlling over the existing storm instead of producing a new one. At those moments the spell damage will increase by 1d10. This spell is similar to Produce flame 5e and you can thank me after read this article through the link.

At Higher Levels:

You can cast this spell by taking the help from spell slot of 4th or higher level, but the damage increases by 1d10 for each slot level above 3rd.

Call Lightning 5e

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