Eldritch Blast D&D 5th Edition

  • Level: (Evocation cantrip)
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: V, S
  • Range(area): 120 ft
  • Attack(save): Ranged
  • Damage(effect): Force
  • School: Evocation
  • Duration: Instantaneous

Eldritch Blast 5e

Within a range of crackling energy streaks towards the creature makes a beam and also make the ranged spell attack which is highly against to the target. The target would take 1d10 damage on a hit.

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At Higher Levels Whenever you have reached the higher levels then the Eldritch Blast 5e spell will create more than one beam. such as two beams at 5th level, three beams at 11th level, and four beams at 17th level. These beams direction can be known by you at the same target or at different ones. For each beam, you have to make a separate attack roll.

Attributes Of dnd Eldritch Blast 5e

Casting Time
1 action
Classes Warlock
Duration Instantaneous
Level 0
Eldritch Blast
120 feet
School Evocation
Spell Attack
A creature within range

Eldritch Blast 5e

Frequently Asked Questions Of 5e Eldritch Blast

Q: Can Eldritch Blast 5e Target Objects?

Some of the 5e spells like this dnd 5e eldritch blast target the creatures and some others target the objects too.

Q: Does Eldritch Blast A Ranged Attack ?

Yes! of course 5e eldritch blast a ranged attack and also it does suffer from the drawbacks too like all other ranged attacks have.

Q: Can Eldritch Blast Crit ?


Q: Does Eldritch Blast A Bonus Action ?

Your weapon attack specially grants you the special ability to cast this eldritch blast 5e like a bonus action.

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