Forcecage 5E Spell In DnD

As per my personal experience the forcecage spell was awesome and everyone can play with it as easily as they can, Now iam revealing all of the aspects about this 5e spell according to my experience, you can also play with the heroes feast 5e when you’re done everything in this forcecage.

  • Level: 7
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: V, S, M*
  • Range(area): 100 feet
  • Attack(save): CHA save
  • Damage(effect): Control
  • School: Evocation
  • Duration: 1 Hour

Forcecage 5e

A fixed and cube-shaped prison that is created by magical force springs into existence all over a region that you choose within the range. The prison can be a solid box or a cage, as you choose.

If the prison is in the shape of a cage, it can be up to 20 feet on a side. It is made from bars of a ½-inch diameter which are spaced a ½ inch apart. If the prison is in the shape of a box, then it can be 10 feet on a side, creating a solid barrier. This barrier doesn’t allow any matter to pass through it and blocks any spell cast into or out from the area.

Any creature that is inside the area of the cage is trapped when you cast the Forcecage 5e spell. If the creatures are too large to fit inside the cage area or are partially within the area, are pushed away from the area center until they are completely outside the area.

If a creature is inside the cage area, it cannot leave the cage without magic. If the creature tries to use teleportation or interplanar travel to leave the cage, then it must make a Charisma saving throw.

If the creature becomes successful in it, then it can use that magic to exit the cage. If it fails, then it cannot exit the cage and wastes the use of the spell. The cage also extends into the Ethereal Plane, blocking ethereal travel. Dispel magic cannot dispel this magic.

Forcecage 5e

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