Prismatic Wall 5E Spell In DnD

  • Casting time: 1 action
  • Level: 9th
  • Range: Can be up to 60feet
  • Components: V and S.
  • School:abjuration
  • Duration: To the maximum 10 minutes

Prismatic Wall 5e

The prismatic wall 5e is a beautiful shimmering plane which is multi-color in nature. It has a beautiful vertical wall which can go up to 90 feet long and has a hight of 30 feet. The overall plane has a 1-inch thickness and has a point at the center which is within that particular range. The 9th level of abjuration has below-mentioned infographics

Prismatic Wall D&D 5e is a spectacular shimmering plane of light which can get the shape of the wall, it is a sphere which can go up to 30 feet in the entire diameter part. The center point is up to the range which you select. The wall can stay up to a particular place for the give duration. If the position in the wall passes from a particular space which is occupied by the creature, it leads to the failure of the spell. The action of the spell will be considered as water. The overall wall sheds out a beautiful bright color which has a range of 100 feet and the light remains dim and you can add up to 100 feet to it.

The creates which you have designated during the time of spellcasting can easily pass through the remaining area near the wall without doing any damage. If the creature can easily pass through wall within 20 feet, it begins to turn out and it is must for the creature to start with the constitution. The savings through can be bound for more than 1 minute.

The wall consists of 7 different layers, it can be of a different color every time. The capture attempts to move to a particular point which can easily pass through the wall. The single layer at a time passes through the layers of the wall. When it passes or reaches through every layer, it is important for the creature to dexterity saving throw or it can be affected by the unique properties of layers. These are the layer properties.

The layer of walls can be easily destroyed and it should be one layer at a particular time. The order can go from red color, it should be specified for each and every layer. When the layer is destroyed, it should remain the same for the duration of the entire spell. A single  cancellation can damage and destroy the powerful prismatic wall. This has zero effect on the antimagic field and is the best choice.

  1. Red: in this red color layer the creature can take up to 10d6 fire damage and the save is generally failed. It can sometimes have half of the damage as compared to the successful one. The final layer can be easily destroyed which can be later dealt with at least 25 cold damage walls.
  2. Orange: The powerful creature can take up to 10d6 fire damages on the failed to save. The half of it as much damage can be seen and it can be more than the successful one. This layer of orange is in the right places, the overall magical range attack can easily go through the wall without any damage. The layer can be easily destroyed by strong wind.
  3. Yellow: The yellow colored layer, the creature can take 10d6 damage with acid on the failure to save option. The overall damage I half as compared to the successful one. When this particular layer is in pace he overlaps magical ranged attacks can easily get and pass through the wall. The orange colored layer can be used to destroy the dealing for at least 60 firms damage in an easy way.
  4. Green: The creature in this green color later is the 10d6 position, the damage is on the saved fail and the spell is a password if you wish to go for another spell of the higher level you can easily open a portal on any solid surface. This layer is destroyed then.
  5. Blue: the creature is cold and damaged if it fails to save this layer can be easily destroyed with the help of 25 fire.
  6. Indigo: The creature is savedthrice and this is the end of the spell. When the layer is carefully placed the nonmagical ranged attacks and this powerful attacks can even pass through the tough walls.
  7. Violet: The overall creature is blinded and the window is made with saving for the next turn. The creature is commuted into another plane and no higher blinded is selected in this case.

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Prismatic Wall 5e

D&D Prismatic Wall 5e

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