Psychotic Episode D&D 5th Edition

level 0 – Enchantment

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60ft.
Target: 1 Target
Components: V
Duration: 1d10 x 10 Hours
Saving Throw: Wisdom negates
Concentration: No

Here an otherworldly presence which is descends upon you.

Within a range, a targeted creature must make a wisdom saving throw at disadvantage or else it will be driven to the long-term madness.

Dispel or Remove Madness:

Mostly the Calm Emotions spell can be suppressed the effects of the madness while the Lesser Restoration spell can be rid the character of the short term or the long-term madness.

By depending upon the sources of the madness and also the Remove curse or else the Dispel evil might also be proven effective. To get rid a character of indefinite madness then either a Greater Restoration spell or more powerful magic is required.

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