Wish 5E Spell In D&D

  • Casting Time: 1 Minute
  • Level: 9th
  • Range&Area: Self
  • Components: V
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • School: Conjuration

Wish 5e

Wish is the strongest spell any mortal in here can cast. By simply speaking out, you can change the fundamentals of reality with what you desire.

The common and basic use of this spell is to copy any other spell of 8th level and lower and duplicate it. There are no set requirements to fulfill for this spell, like costly components. The spell does it’s work instantly. There are also other effects you can use of this spell as mentioned below.

  • You can create an object worth 25,000 GP in value but it shouldn’t be a magic item. Also it cannot be bigger than the 300 feet in any dimension. It will appear on an unoccupied space you can see on the ground after being created.
  • You restore all the hitpoints on upto 20 creatures and also end any effects they might be suffering or facing from as described in the Great Restoration Spell.
  • You can increase resistances of upto 10 creatures to a specific damage type you want them to face easier.
  • You can give out immunity to yourself and 10 creatures you see against a single specific spell or a magical effect for 8 hours. For example, you could hand out immunity to you and your group against a lich’s life drain attack.
  • You can rewind a single event and turn back time forcing a reroll of any roll made in the last round including your last turn. You reshape reality and make it have a new result compared to what happened earlier. For example you could undo and opponent’s successful save, or their critical hits, or an ally’s failed save. You can force to create an advantage from the previous disadvantage you could have had.

These are not the options you have for a wish 5e  though. You can definitely ask for something beyond the power of even these examples, just be as specific as possible while stating your wish to the Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Master also has a great amount of control on how good or bad your wish goes. The greater the wish, the higher the chance that something goes wrong for it to happen which was simply an unforeseen consequence because of the wording of your D&D wish. For example if you wish for a villain to die, the Dungeon Master could place you at a time where the villain is no longer alive, potentially removing you from the game, or if you wished for an amazing legendary magic item or artifact, it could result in placing you right next to the current holder of the item or artifact which are both disastrous events to happen.

We have seen tremendous change in our Dungeon Master’s (DM’s) rules and regulations while playing the create water 5e spell, if you also do not want to waste those advantages then chose that spell now.

There is also stress caused when you produce any other effect other than duplicating another spell which will make you weak. While enduring this stress, each time you cast a spell, until you finish a long rest, you will take 1d10 necrotic damage per level of that spell. This damage cannot be reduced or prevented from in any way possible. Also, your strength drops to 3 if it isn’t 3 or lower, for 2d4 days. The time you spend resting and doing nothing more than light activity will reduce your recovery time by 2 days every time you do so. There is also a 33% chance that you may never be able to cast wish ever again if you go through this stress.

Attributes Of Wish

Casting Time
1 action
Sorcerer, Wizard
Components V
Duration Instantaneous
Level 9
Name Wish
Range Self
School Conjuration
Target Self

Wish 5e

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