Every D&D Base Class Ranked by Ease of Play

Fighter The fighter is one of the easiest classes to play and a good jumping point for many. Mainly focusing on martial abilities, it excels in combat and is an easy guide.

Barbarian Another martial class, the barbarian packs a punch in any combat. It is easy to grasp and a whole lot of fun to play.

Ranger Rangers introduce a bit of spellcasting into the mix, but are still a heavily martial-based class. Very similar to a fighter, but attacking from afar gives you an edge.

Rogue Rogues are the classic sneaky class and are a popular choice to play. This offers more mechanics though, like sneak attack, which impose a bit of difficulty (but not much).

Monk Another martial class, the monk is a heavy hitter in combat. Again, this introduces some more in-depth mechanics like Ki points for some fun abilities.

Bard One of the most fun, the Bard is a full spellcaster that allows for a slew of opportunities for your character. They carry quite a few mechanics to learn, though, but still less than other casting classes.

Paladin Paladin tends to be a little tricky if you’re just starting out. With a mix of spells and martial feats, there can be quite a few things to keep track of. However, this mix provides you with a lot of options, whether in battle or out.

Cleric The classic healer, the cleric is another full caster that provides a lot of prowess when playing, as are your party’s bandage. There is quite a bit to balance, but it is a rewarding class and definitely worth learning!

Wizard With spellbook in hand, the wizard is quite versatile and brings a lot to the table – this can prove to be a bit overwhelming though, so take the time to sit down and really focus on this class when playing.

Warlock Very similar to the wizard, the warlock is a caster with a lot of power. There are a lot of things to balance here, so take your time when learning.

Sorcerer The sorcerer has probably the most magic on their fingertips, which means a lot of spells to choose and look after. When adding things like metamagic, things can get dicey.

Artificer While fun to play, the artificer has a lot of things to balance – magic items, firearms, and more.

Druid The druid is one of the most fun classes to play, but it comes with many things to keep track of. Not necessarily an easy class for a beginner, but always fun to mess around with! Who wouldn’t want to turn into an animal in an instant?

While some of these classes prove harder to play, there is a plethora of resources for players, plus your group of adventurers to help you out. Happy adventuring!

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