Shortbow 5E Weapon

Ammunition: In this shortbow you can use a simple ranged weapon which has the ammunition property for making a ranged attack but only if you’ve the ammunition to fire from the weapon. Each and everytime wherever you attack with the weapon and you might expend one piece of ammunition.

Normally, drawing the ammunition from the quiver, case, or else the other container is one of the parts of the attack. So, at  the end of the battle, you can able to recover half of your expended ammunition by taking a minute to search for the battlefield.

Suppose, if you would use the weapon which has the ammunition property for making a melee attack and you treat the weapon like an improvised weapon. Finally, a sling should be loaded for dealing any kind of damage whenever it has used in this type of way.

Shortbow 5E Weapon Attributes

Damage 1d6
Damage Type
Item Rarity
Item Type
Ranged Weapon
Ammunition, Range, Two-Handed
Simple, Bow
Weight 2

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