Wonder Maker Feat 5E

Prerequisite: Gnome (rock)

You are master at the tinker techniques about your people. As per this feat you can get the below mentioned benefits.

Being a wonder maker feat you can increase your dexterity or the intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Of course whenever you make the check by using your proficiency by its tinker’s tools, you can also add double your proficiency bonus for the check.

So, when you would make the device by your tinker trait and then you have the below mentioned extra options for what you make:

  • Alarm: This would senses whenever the creature does move to within 15 feet of it but without speaking aloud the password which has been selected whenever you do create it. But of course one round after a creature would be moved into a range, of course the alarm can also make the shrill ringing which can lasts for a minute and it can be heard almost from up to300 feet away.
  • Calculator: By using this device you can easily do sums.
  • Lifter: Actually, this device can be used like the block and also tackle, by simply allowing its user to be hoist five times the weight the user can also normally lift.
  • Timekeeper: Probably, this pocket watch could keep accurate it its time.
  • Weather Sensor: Of course whenever you have used this as an action, at that time this device can predict the weather conditions within a 1-mile radius over the next 4 hours, by showing a symbol (such as clouds, sun/moon, rain, or snow) for each hour.

You also need to check its relative feat called athlete feat 5e

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