Elf D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

As the name suggest, Elf 5e is the cynosure of all eyes of the races due to their long life span and the magical prowess. The creature is known to exude grace considered to be unparalleled among the characters belonging to different species. Beauty of Elf 5e is one of the most important attributes that impresses the human beings. The latter regard elves as epitomes of perfections in terms of physical features. D&D Elf is also attracted to the human race in spite of the barbarian lifestyle. They are also fascinated by the passion of young people displayed during their lives.

Elf D&D

In few instances, it was found that the members of the two species fell in love with each other leading to romantic liaisons. Although the duration of the relationship is quite small, it lead to the birth of the half elf and human. The children lived a torrid life because they regarded as bastard by the humans due to the absence of pure lineage. In short, it can be said that half Elf 5e is rightly the middle person of the world. Here the more details about the 5e leonin and stats as well.

Elf D&D 5e traits:

Ability Score:

The score of Charisma increases by a factor of 2 while the choice score increases by one.


The elves become mature at the age of 20 years however they live 180 years more than the humans.


They cherish creative expression and personal freedom to a great extent; therefore they do not love leaders nor follow them.


Common, Elvish, And one extra languages is your choice.

Elf Statistics

Size Medium
Type Humanoid

Elf General Info

Vision Low-light, Darkvision
Average Lifespan Usually up to 200, but 900 not unheard of; don’t suffer infirmities with age
Homeland’s Prime Material Plane
Language’s Common, Elven
Subraces Wild elves, wood elves, drow, avariel, aquatic elves

Elf Appearance

Average Height 5’4″ – 6’0″
Average Weight 130 – 170 lbs
Distinctions Pointed ears, sparse body hair, slim but athletic build, insightful, keen senses
Hair Color’s Dark brown, autumn orange, mossy green, deep gold
Eye Color’s Blue, violet, green

Physical Description:

The mixed breed is taller than the human beings while shorter than the elves. Lean build along with comely features transforms them into centers of attraction. Pointed ears also imbibe round shape reminiscent of the human characteristics. One can also see a wonderful similarity with the eyes of the humans but it occurs in different colors such as amber, violet and emerald green. Drow species of D&D Elf display pattern changes however the head hair is white or silver while the color of the skin ranges from purple to blue in the right light. In dark environment, you can notice the dominance of the grey color on the surface. Have a look at hobgoblin 5e this amazing race.

Society Elf 5e :

Since the creatures are devoid of homeland they are quite versatile and adaptable to live in different conditions. Although half elves are attractive, they fail to find the favors with either of the parent race. Some members take the discrimination in a positive way as they regard themselves as unique with combination of the best of the attributes from both races. Half D&D Elf is often encouraged to take diplomatic duties for the two cultures. In such a situations taking sides or the pressure to favor the other race is quite high. Some of the Half elves reject the pressure and pulls but try to broker peace and engage in trade between the two races to make personal profit.


It is true that D&D 5e Elf understand the nuances of loneliness. They are of the view that their birth is due to life experience and not out of racial amalgamation. In short, half elves are quite open to friendships and not rigid in their approach. They are not judgmental but have the tremendous tenacity to vary their capabilities according to the societies they live in.

Numerous races combine together to form half orcas or half dragons however elves occupy a special position in the minds of the people. Humans admiring the power of the elves regard their half cousins as the linking chain between the two races. Due to the high expectations of the humans, the creatures become the objects of derision when they fail to achieve the objectives. We also wrote a genasi dnd 5e guide and stats, as well as names.

Half elves are taught to raise their capabilities in order to eliminate the deficiencies cause due to human traits. The mentors train the elves to reject the genetic traits of the other half to ensure that they remain almost divine.

Half elves are different from half orcas because the latter are born out of violence. Mothers do not want to bear the off springs out of such associations. With other races, the creatures can forge unlikely alliances. Dwarves are particularly fond of half elves compared to the pure race. They regard the progeny as half human instead of the elf.

Characters such as gnomes and Halflings are curious of the Humanoid elf. The characters with mixed lineage of humans treat gnomes with disdain however they are envious the freedom the latter have. Gnomes are quite clever and enterprising; therefore they seek the help of the half elves to impart legitimacy to their businesses of adventures.

One of the most unique relations is between half elves and half orcs because they are not raised by humans and treat others as foes. If the elves are marginalized they feel a sense of Kinship towards the half orcs as the latter are also despised to a great extent. Half orcs are indebted towards their friends for empathy as they become bodyguards suiting to their brawny personalities. if you dont know about the d&d goblin subraces you will get to know from this.

Alignment and religion:

Isolation of the characters plays a very important role in influencing the behavior. They are neither cruel nor willing to bend to societal norms. In short, elves are known to have a chaotic but harmless personality. Due to lack of culture, the elves are less inclined to follow a religion. They start worshipping Gods later in their lives after coming in contacts with various communities.

D&D 5e Elf sense the attraction of the divine but refused to adhere to the religious beliefs. Individuals are more inclined to follow ideas of freedom, harmony and balance however some of the elves may abide by the religious instructions of the society. In fact, they find true comfort in kinship compared to deities.


Half elves are known to be Itinerants because they roam around in the land in search of home. Majority of the creatures want to leave legacy, therefore they become brave and fight the opponents in the battle field. Elves are more like humans because akin to the latter, they want to accumulate wealth and power to lead the rest of the lives in absolute comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Of Elf

Q: What color are elves?

A: Basically, they have fair skin and also hair which runs in the hues from the silver-white to the black or else blue. Because, the human style hair colors are rare and also the eye color can be remarkably similar, with the colors ranging from the blue to green.

Q: Where are high elves from DND?

A: They have lived in the forests of the world and these high elves also known as eladrin.

Q: Do elves need sleep?

A: No, elves doesn’t need sleep.

Q: How long do elves live in dnd?

A: 750 years

Q: What do elves call themselves?

A: Quendi (“the Speakers”)

Q: Do elves get tired?

A: Yes! of course they get tired

Q: How many elf years are in human years?

A: There is a simple mathematical calculation to get the answer for this query. Suppose if you have 11 in the human years then you need to add 1 + 1 and you’re just 2 in the elf years. Suppose, you’re 27 in human years then you would only 9 (2 + 7) in the elf years.

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