Yuan-ti Pureblood D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Yuan-ti purebloods d&d 5e are the most human-seeming of all yuan-ti breeds. They are snake-human hybrids, which were created in the earliest days of civilization. Their culture fell from an advanced and enlightened state into cruelty and fanaticism. Purebloods are described as human-like with minor reptilian features like a forked tongue, snake-like eyes, and patches … Read more

Rabbitfolk (UA) Race Details

It is Bounding across the wilds, rabbitfolk form the feywild embody a spirit of freedom and travel. Basically, these rabbitfolks are bipedal, with a characteristic long feet of an animal that they are resemble and fur in a variety of colors. Basically, they share the keen senses and also the powerful legs of the leporine … Read more

Reborn (UA) DnD 5E Race

THIS IS PLAYTEST MATERIAL As per this dnd reborn 5e race in unearthed arcaana, the material is presented for the playtesting and also to spark your imagination. All these game mechanics are in the draft form only and also they are usable in your campaign but it has not been refined by the full game … Read more

Hobgoblin D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Hobgoblin, the term arose from the various folktales featuring these more menacing form of goblinoids other than goblins, was coined to describe a friendly yet troublesome creature of the Seelie Court. D&D 5e Hobgoblin ‘s are believed to be smart, strong, and comparatively large creatures although they aren’t as powerful as the bugbears. The famous … Read more

Kobold D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Kobolds are highly aggressive in nature but at the same time weak too. This is the reason that they do not seen to adjust with creatures who are stronger or powerful as compared to them. There is no denial to the fact that the Kobold 5e are smart as well and know how to cope up … Read more

Halfling D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Halfling 5e

The goals of most Halflings’ are the comforts of home. Although some d&d 5e Halflings live out their days in remote agricultural communities, others form nomadic bands that travel continuously, lured by the open road and the wide horizon to discover the wonders of new lands and peoples. But even those wandering people love peace, … Read more

Elf D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Elf D&D

As the name suggest, Elf 5e is the cynosure of all eyes of the races due to their long life span and the magical prowess. The creature is known to exude grace considered to be unparalleled among the characters belonging to different species. Beauty of Elf 5e is one of the most important attributes that … Read more

Human D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

D&D 5e Humans are spread widely in Toril and they can be found in most regions easily. They are disagreeable and fierce and lead other races to view them with contempt. They are famous for their ambition and diversity. Humans, although lack many specializations that they can excel in many areas. They are the achievers, … Read more

Kenku D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

The fantasy games have emerged as one of the popular sources of entertainment and fun. Its characters are so unique and offer you an amazing experience. These role playing games are really nice and you will find them quite interesting with a lot of characters involved in it. The internet is flooded with several such … Read more

Warforged D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Warforged 5e

The d&d 5e warforged were created ages ago. They were created as a tool of war. Originally golems with the ability to learn and adapt on the battlefield, they shortly became aware. And, with awareness came a soul, and with a soul, the desire to live and not to die in a pointless conflict. Because … Read more