Dimension Door 5e Spell In D&D

  • Level: 4 (Conjuration)
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: V
  • Range(area): 500 ft
  • Attack(save): None
  • Damage(effect): Teleportation
  • School: Conjuration
  • Duration: Instantaneous

Dimension Door 5e

Within a range, you have to teleport your self from where you are right now to any other location. You have to arrive the spot exactly what you have desired. But that desired place should be able to see, you have to visualize and you must be able to describe that place such as by saying distance and directions about that place like 200 meters feet straight downward or upward at the direction north-west with a 45-degree angle and with 300 ft.

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Suggestion 5e

You can purchase or you can bring any kind of objects as long as their weight doesn’t increase by the objects which you are carrying. You have a chance to bring a willing creature which is similar to your size or smaller to your size who are carrying the gear up to its carrying capacity. You must confirm the creature is within the 5 feet distance from you when you have cast Dimension Door 5e spell. You and your co-traveller creature must take 4d6 force damage when you will arrive in a place which already occupied by any object or by any creature and also the spell will fail to teleport you.

Dimension Door 5e

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