Fog Cloud 5E Spell In DnD

  • Level: 1 (Conjuration)
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: V, S
  • Range(area): 120 feet
  • Attack(save): None
  • Damage(effect): Control
  • School: Conjuration
  • Duration: 1 Hour

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Fog Cloud 5e

Here you have to create a Fog Cloud 5e which is fully centered on a point within a range and that fog must be 20-foot radius sphere shape. The sphere which has fog would spread around all the corners and obviously, the area will become obscured. It lasts until a wind of moderate and greater speed disperses it or it lasts for the duration.

At Higher Levels:

The radius of the fog increases by 20 foot for each and every slot above level 1st but it would occur only when you cast the spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or more than 2nd level.

Fog Cloud 5e

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