Imprisonment 5E Spell In DnD

  • Level:9
  • School:abjuration
  • Casting Time: 1 minute
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Target: Creature touched
  • Duration: Instantaneous

Imprisonment 5E

In imprisonment you need to create a magical restraint, this will hold the creature which is within the particular mentioned range. The target must follow some having to be followed by the spell. When the creature is affected by the breath, it doesn’t need to breathe or eat. Another thing is, it doesn’t age also. The Imprisonment 5e spell cannot locate any target.

Components: the entire spell makes use of V, S, M. A depiction of vellum, it can be carved statute in the area of the target. This is a special component which can vary and depends on the spell which you select. The entire worth is more than 500 GP per hit die.

Duration: The entire spell last until the spell is dispelled.

In this case of spell you are supposed to create a magical restraint in which the creature is held, you will be able to see the creativity within the given range. It is a must to success the target on the wisdom saving throw, the target is bound by the spell. It the spell is succeeded the target creature is immune to this particular spell and you need to work on the cast again. When it is affected by the spell, the creature need not eat, sleep, drink or breathe. There is no foundation of age as well.

Before going to the forms mentioned below, you can check flame strike 5e spell, if you need it.

When a creature is a spell you can select the below-mentioned forms of imprisonment.

Burial: In this case, the final target is entombed inside the earth in a special magic force. It is strong enough to contain all the target creature and nothing can pass out from the sphere.

Chaining: You can bind the creature using a heavy chain and can firmly root them inside the ground to hold the target in that particular place. The target cannot move out until the spell is finished by some external source. The creature cannot move out by any means still the spell ends.

In this spell, the special component is a fine chain and which is made of precious metal.

Hedged Prison: In this scenario, the spells travel and puts the target into a small demiplane, this target is warded against all type of travel. It demi-plane can be anything like a cage, labyrinth, tower or other similar structure used in the area which you select.

The unique part of this version of the spell is to make use of a miniature representation of the prison. It is made of jade.

Minimus Containment: The primary target is to shrink it to the height of just 1 inch. Then the target is imprisoned inside a particular gemstone on any different object. It is easy for the light to pass through this gemstone but apart from that nothing can pass effectively even with the help of planer travel.

The unique component of this spell version is to make use of large and transparent gemstones. It can be anything like a diamond or any precious gemstone lie ruby or emerald.

Slumber: In this, the final target will sleep and will not awake unless the spell ends. The special component of this spell is to make use of soporific herbs to do the task without any failure.

Ending the spell: after casting of the spell, if someone wants to end it, the person needs to specially mention the condition which will make the spell to end and the target will be released. The condition can be anything as per your choice, you can keep it specific or elaborate.

Imprisonment 5e

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