Guards and Wards D&D 5th Edition

  • Casting Time: 10 minutes
  • Level: 6th
  • Range: Touch
  • School: abjuration
  • Components: V, S, M (burning incense, a small measure of brimstone and oil, a knotted string, a small amount of monster blood, and a small silver rod worth at least 10 gp)
  • Duration: 24 hours

Glyph of Warding D&D 5e

Guards and Wards work us a protecting shield up to  2500 square feet. The overall warded area can be between 15-20 feet tall and the shape can be as per your choice and overall need. The 6th level abjuration of the Guards and Wards 5e have below mentioned

Component used: ignited incense sticks, a small quantity of brimstone and any oil for your choice. A small knotted string and very tiny quantity of monster blood. Along with it, a small sliver road, it should be least 10 up.

The concept is to create a ward which can protect up to 2500 square feet of floor space. The area can vary from 50 feet to 100 to 25 10 foot squares. The overall ward area can be up to 20 feet high and the shape depends on your choice. You can ward different stories as per your choice, the area can be divided among themselves and you can easily walk into each and every contiguous area during the spell casting.

When the casting of the spell is done, you can mention any individual that is totally unaffected by the effects which you want to select. You can also mention a password, this will make the person totally immune from all these effects.

Here are some effects created by the guards and wards

Corridors: The warded corridor is filled with fog, all this make it heavily unclear and every interesting point offers a point of direction. There are half chances that the creature you select is going in the opposite direction from its original location.

Doors: All the doors are locked with magical power and it is well sealed by the powerful arcane lock spell. This ensures all ward doors are well locked and you can also focus on covering the doors with the help of illusion. This will make them look similar to a regular section of plain walls.

Stairs: All the stairs located in the warded area is well filled with the webs, this is nothing but a powerful spell using the web. These strands have the power to regrow within 10-12 minutes when they are turned or burned away. But in all this, guards and wards have a long-lasting duration.

Another effect of spells: you can give a choice of any of these below mentioned magical effects, make sure to give everything within the warded area for best hold.

  • Keep a dancing light in the all the 4 corner corridors. You can assign a simple program to make sure the guards and wards least for more duration. The lights will repeat as longs as the guards and wards are active.
  • Allocate magic mouth in any of the 2 locations and also assign stinking cloud there. You will notice the appearance of vapour in the assigned place. Everything will return within the duration of 10 minutes. Each and every component of ward radiates magic and has a successful effect.

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