Pyrotechnics D&D 5th Edition

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous

You need to chose an area of flame which you can see within a range and also it can fit within a 5-foot cube.  You can easily extinguish that fire in that specified area and also you do create either the fireworks or else the smoke. You can check them below.

Fireworks: The target will explode with a dazzling display of the colors. Each creature must be succeeded on a constitution saving throw those are within 10 feet of the target or else must become blinded until the end of your upcoming turn.

Smoke: Within a 20-foot radius the thick black smoke will spread out from the target and also moving around the corners too. Also that specific area of the smoke is highly obscured. The smoke will be persist for a minute or else until the strong wind disperses it.

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