Kobold D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Kobolds are highly aggressive in nature but at the same time weak too. This is the reason that they do not seen to adjust with creatures who are stronger or powerful as compared to them. There is no denial to the fact that the Kobold 5e are smart as well and know how to cope up with the situations. That is why they are able to combat even the toughest problems and reach their target. They are mostly interested in mining or you can even say mechanical devices which interest them the most. The kobolds have different kinds of tactics in them but their main focus is to harm others and this is what gives them happiness. They will not kill anyone but will capture them to hurt them as more as possible.

Kobold 5e

The kobolds are quite different and represent the reptilian race. If you are eager to know more about the kobolds and the latest generation of kobolds then you have come to the right place. Here we will be talking everything about kobold and how you can use their traits to fulfil your aim. So let us get started to this journey and explore more about the Kobold 5e.

Kobold Statistics

Size Small
Type Humanoid
Tag’s Kobold

Kobold General Info

Vision Darkvision
Average Lifespan Usually up to 50 years, max 120 years
Diet Omnivorous
Language’s Common, Draconic,Yipyak
Subraces Aquatic kobold, arctic kobold, desert kobold, dragonwrought kobold, earth kobold, jungle kobold

Kobold Appearance

Average Height 2′ – 2’5″ ( 60 – 74 cm)
Average Weight 35–45 lbs. (16–20 kg)
Distinctions Small, aggressive, physically durable, industrious, nimble, stealthy

Kobold D&D Names

Both the males and the females have different names that they are called by.

Female: Neeral, Adriaak, Tarka, Poro, Harkail, Ozula, Saassraa.

Male: Draahzin, Olp, Eadoo, Kib, Makroo, Zornesk, Jamada, Yraalik and Ipmeerk

Kobold D&D 5e traits

The traits of kobold are quite strong which comes from their nature. Here are some of their traits you will come across.

Speed: The walking speed of the kobold is similar to the other creatures and it is 30 feet.

Dark vision: The kobolds face dark vision which means that they are able to see only in dim light and that is up to 60 feet.

Alignment: The kobolds follow a loyal behaviour towards their tribe but not the same with the non-members and for them survival of the fittest is the only mantra.

Ability score: It is their dexterity score which goes up by 2.

Age: The maturity level of the kobolds is quite speedy and till the age of 7 or 8 they become really capable to handle the tribe. They can live a long life of around 120 years and die only because of any external reason.

Size: They are usually small and therefore weight less.

Physical characteristics

As already said above that they belong to the class of reptiles with their height ranging from 2 feet to 2.6 feet and weight being somewhat around 35-45 pounds. Their body is covered with scales and the skin colour being dark like brown, orange and black. Their red eyes are scary with clawed fingers and jaw being similar to that of the crocodile. They have a tail like that of a rat with white horns coming out from the head. Red and orange is their favourite colour and that is why they love to wear such colours. Now you can read warforged 5e and more about it.

Though they are small but the powerful jaws help them to target any creature and hurt them. Their face has no emotions and it is through the tail that they show the emotions and express what they are feeling. Though most of the kobolds cannot fly but there are few that have wings and are able to fly. These are called Urds and it is considered to be a special gift coming from the queen Dragon. Owing to this unique characteristics, the other kobolds are very jealous of them.

The Culture of the Kobolds

Kobolds are fond of dark places and that is why they dwell in thick forests. Usually they do not like the sunlight and therefore prefer to keep away from it. When the kobolds become too many in numbers, it is broken into smaller tribes just to offer them privacy. They used to sleep and roam around naked as it not considered bad. Clothes are only worn when there is some occasion or something special like rituals and rest of the time they stay naked both males and females. Have a look at halfling 5e race and more about it.

Many times overcrowded tribes would lead to fights and this is when they would break into small groups just to overcome the problem. The D&D Koboldis highly strict when it comes to following the rules and regulations of their tribe. In no way they will disobey of the same but try to keep up with the laws and follow them happily.

Society of The Kobolds

Just like the humans have their own society, similarly the kobolds too are classified into tribes and each has its characteristics, rules to be followed and much more. Mostly the kobolds behave nicely among the members of their tribe but behave fiercely with members of other tribes. Each tribe has a leader and they are ones who sort the matters of fight. Though the kobolds are very coward but at the same time are practical too. This is the rare combination you will find in any creature and kobold is one of them.

The kobolds have a monstrous nature and can change the leader if they come across any problem. Jealousy and hatred is something that you will find in all the kobolds whether new or old. They constantly try to bring down the non-member of their race and this could be by anything. They will insult them, go for bad behaviour and anything that would create a conflict. We just completed tabaxi race now you can read about this race without buy the D&D book.

Psychology of The Kobolds

Hatred for the other kobolds is the quality that you will find in all the kobolds. They will try to kill, hurt and destroy them by any means. They have hatred for everyone. Their only motive is to trap as much land they can so that they become the rulers of the same and are able to expand their tribe. This made possible through the traps and digging mines just to fulfil the motive. They are highly creative in such things and focus on expansion of the land itself.

The planning was done secretly with the general plan being known to everyone while the detailed plan to the people who would work in it. In this way they are able to maintain complete secrecy and accomplish the purpose. The lawful evil is what their tribe is based on.

They love to be secluded from their tribe and enjoy being alone. For them their race or tribe comes first and there is no compromise with the same. This is the reason that they are able to reach the heights of success in whatever they do.

How Kobolds Fight?

As kobolds were of cunning nature they would try wrong means to fight with the members of the other tribe or race. In this manner they would harm, kill and hurt a lot of people. Their cunningness was one of the reason they hated everybody and would get involved in fights and conflicts. The kobolds would try making traps and made sure the others would feel into it thus killing them and destroying them. As they were weak in fighting they would always rely on the other ways to trap the creature and kill them. Have a look at this d&d yuan ti pureblood race and also know about this races stats and names.

Once the enemy was killed they would take away everything they had and looted them completely. This is how they cheated on them and took away everything. On the contrary if one of their members died they would eat them together but not their enemy. Thus they had their own way to fight with the enemy and completely finish and rob them of everything.

Kobolds Personality

As we have said above that the kobolds possessed a short personality as their height varied from 2 feet to 3 feet only. They were short in structure but highly cunning in their nature. They always hated the members of the other tribe and would always try ways to hurt or harm them. They would make fun of the people and also indulge in bad behaviour towards them. They showed respect to the creatures of their size while the others were disrespected in different ways. Their motive was just to hurt people and this is how they kept secluded from the others and would remain alone as well as happy.

Fashion sense of the kobolds

Usually the kobolds are not much fashion trendy and are dressed in simple tunics or even breeches. But when it comes to any festivity or occasion you will find them well-dressed but simplicity is what you follow. Mostly their dresses are made of top quality fabrics like silk and even leather is one of their favourite fabrics for the clothing. These rich clothes are usually worn by the leaders and this is what distinguishes them from the other members of the tribe. Their colourful attires is something to watch out for as it mostly involves the shades of red and high use of the orange which makes the dress look attractive.

Special emphasis is given to the design with the lines being extremely clear and straight. They accompany their clothing with simple footwear’s that are comfortable and look good too. As most of them were miners a lot of precious stones were available that were used in the dresses and even jewellery was made with it. Thus they had a lot of sense as to what to wear and what not to.


The D&D 5e Kobold were involved in different kinds of activities and here are some of them.

Mining – Rock mining was one of the popular activities the kobolds were involved into. Most of the races would be seen in mining the rock and get as much mineral deposits they can. Every family had two or three miners in them and had a long history associated with it. Every family had to create a wall out of the rock and was supposed to add the pictures of their family history. It was quite creative and lovely too.

Crafting – another activity which was popular among the D&D 5e Koboldwas the crafting or also known as trap making. For trap making the kobold would use different types of cunning techniques and tried making traps. The better the trap, the higher was their specialization and the art. There were a lot of liars and each family had to depict their family history and this is how the kobolds were busy in their activity. A lot of effort was put in by them to create jewellery and other precious things that would mean much to them. These items were highly pleasing and held a lot of importance for them.

Kobold types

The D&D 5e Koboldare of three types. These are given below along with their traits.

  1. Winged kobold – The first one in the list is the winged kobold which have the flying speed of around 30 feet. But to fly at such height they should not have any kind of weapon or armour as it creates a big hurdle for them.
  2. Burrows kobold – Then you have the burrows kobold whose intelligence score goes up by 1 and have high level of proficiency to deal with the weapons and other tools.
  3. Loredrake kobold – Last but not the least is the loredrake kobold whose charisma score goes up by 1 and their spelling ability is too good.

This was all about the kobold 5e that you wished to know. It has complete information about the traits followed by the creature, their personality and the kind of activities they are involved into. The information will definitely help to get them know in a better way as how their behaviour is different for a non-member of the different tribes. Though they are short statured but powerful enough to rob anybody and this is the reason they make use of the traps and are successful in the same.

So what are you waiting for, just have a quick look at this article and you will be able to grab all the information about the kobold that proves really helpful to you. Hope it makes a difference to your knowledge. Do share your ideas or anything you wish to add.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Can kobolds’re different color?

A: The kobolds color is; skin color is between reddish brown and also black in color and also burnt orange to red eyes.

Q: Why do kobolds hate gnomes?

A: Because of the “Prank” which is played upon the Kurtulmak by the gnomish deity Garl Glittergold.

Q: What are kobolds afraid of?

A: Individually, they’re affraid of everything

Q: Do kobolds lay eggs?

A: Here a female kobold will lay a clutch of the hard-shelled eggs and then two weeks after the fertilization.

Q: Can kobold swim?

A: Yes, the kobold can swim. Actually, aquatic kobold has the swim speed of 40 feet.

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