The term hobgoblin arose from the various folktales featuring more menacing forms of goblinoids and was coined to describe a friendly, yet troublesome creature of the Seelie Court. Hobgoblins are believed to be smart, strong, and comparatively large creatures, although not as powerful as the bugbears. The famous character “Puck” from the Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is the prime example of a hobgoblin.

Hobgoblin 5e

Hobgoblin Origin

The term Hobgoblin was derived from the English “Hob”, referring to a natural spirit similar to those of Robin Goodfellow or Puck. These are addition made to the already existing “goblin” stating an ugliest version of the nature spirit as those of goblins with ugly and twisted faces.

Hobgoblin Traits

Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution increases by 2, and your Intelligence increases by 1.

Age: Hobgoblins have a similar lifespan to humans and they mature at the same rate.

Alignment: Hobgoblin society is incredibly rigid and follows an unforgiving code of conduct. As such they tend toward Lawful Evil, though occasionally some hobgoblins may be Lawful Neutral.

Size: Hobgoblins stand between 5 – 6 feet and weigh anywhere from 150 – 200lbs. Your size is Medium.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Darkvision: You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Martial Training: You are proficient with light armor and two martial weapons of your choice.

Saving Face: Hobgoblins are prideful of their status and take great care to never show weakness in front of their allies. If you mis with an attack roll, fail an ability check, or fail a saving throw, you can gain a bonus to the roll equal to the number of allies you can see within 30 feet of you. Maximum bonus of +5.

Once you use this trait, you cannot use it again until finishing a short or long rest before using it again.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Goblin.

Hobgoblin Statistics:

Size Medium
Type Humanoid
Tag’s Goblinoid

Hobgoblin General Info:

Vision Darkvision
Average Lifespan Usually up to 60 years
Patron Deity Maglubiyet
Language’s Goblin, Common
Favored Terrain Hills

Hobgoblin Appearance:

Average Height 6’3″ – 6’5″
Average Weight 190–240 lbs.
Distinctions Aggressive, cruel, physically durable, disciplined, impressive

Hobgoblin Features


D&D 5e Hobgoblins are pretty small in size, looked as hairy little men, very similar to their close relative Brownies. They were often found within human dwellings like brownies performing odd jobs for people around the house. They keep themselves engaged in typical household chores such as dusting or Ironing. Although Brownies are quite peaceful creatures on the other hand D&D hobgoblins are very fond of enjoyment and jokes. Apart from this, they can be easily annoyed, moreover when teased or misused excessively, hobgoblins ought to turn themselves into boggarts. The sole purpose of their existence is to play tricks and cause trouble for others. When triggered they can be mischievous, frightening, dangerous and extremely difficult to get rid of.

Blessed with immense power and born to lead, D&D hobgoblins 5e have a history of mastering and breeding the worldly creatures into slaves. Hobgoblins preferred to work with wolves and bred drakebreeds at first. This practice was carried out within their own race. It is a common belief that they may have created the latter two races goblins and bugbears. Here goliath dnd race you read about this at free of cost.

Hobgoblins 5e tend to be very protective towards their tribe’s reputation and armed status that they often end up indulging in violent activities when the rules are not followed. The constitutional nature of most Hobgoblin tribes is territorial and egotistical that brings them along for a typical cause like war against non-goblinoids. This race also useful race once check aasimar as well.


Usually the English Folklores featured D&D hobgoblins like Hob, completely harmless but prone to making nuisance of themselves. It is due to the fact that they really enjoy making practical jokes and pranks. Although in German mythology, they are more of a malevolent sprite, eager to harass and terrorize people and guide them forcefully to sinful paths. However German hobgoblins 5e are believed to possess preserved diminutive stature as those of their English counterparts, making a room for their easier defeat. This does not stand the same always, as some fairy tales have described hobgoblins harrying people to death, despite the physical limitations of these legendary creatures. This lizardfolk race 5e also one of the most used race once check it as well.

Even though the exact depiction of hobgoblins does not exist in terms of their appearance but their circumstances and actions can be profoundly criticized. They are mischievous beings, to be precise, a kind of generally benign nature spirit. One can understand them as a sort of miniaturized version of elf, goblin, or a fairy, as per the folklore involved. The history of hobgoblins varies widely with various folklore traditions having their distinct versions, sometimes viewed as harmful creatures while the other times as friendly guides, making it really complex to stick to a single theory.

Despite of all the complexities and opinions originated from myths and legends, D&D hobgoblins 5e are accepted as the troublesome entities in the entire course. The very statement made by Ralph Waldo  Emerson in his essay  Self-Reliance quotes; “a Foolish consistency  is hobgoblin of little minds” clearly depicts the ideology behind its usage.

Hobgoblin Culture and Religion:

Hobgoblins worship Maglubivet, the god of war and rulership, as their chief deity. On the other hand their patron deity is Nomog-Geaya, the god of war and authority. Since hobgoblins are warriors by their true nature, they encourage martial combatants. However, there are few who draw magic through spellcasts and work with soldiers.


Patron Deity Maglubivet
Vision Darkvision
Average Lifespan Up to 60 years
Average Height 6’3’’ – 6’5’’, physically
Average Weight 190 – 240 lbs
Skin color Orange to reddish Brown
Hair color dark brown, dark grey, orange, red
Distinctions Aggressive, cruel, physically durable, disciplined, impressive
Favored Climate Warm
Favored Terrain Hills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Of Hobgoblin

Q: What is a hobgoblin vs goblin?

A: The hobgolins are the larger, stronger, smarter and also more menacing form of the goblins. They actually, smaller and weaker than the bugbears, but of course they are better organized.

Q: What is a hobgoblin in dnd?

A: Hobgoblins are the large goblinoids with the dark orange or else the red orange skin. Always the hobgoblin measures virtue by the physical strength and also the martial prowess, they do not care about anything except the skill and cunning in the battle.

Q: What color are hobgoblins?

A: From the dark reddish brown to dark gray this hobgoblins hair color will range. Their skin color is dark-orange or red-orange, their eyes color is yellowish or dark brown and finally their teeth are yellow color.

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