Genasi D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Those who are interested to think of other planes which are in the distant location or remote still the planar influence can be easily felt through the globe. It sometimes showcases the quality it can be anything like by accidental birth, possessing the superpower of the planes in their soul and blood. The D&D 5e Genasi is one such kind of a person which is considered as the offspring of genies and mortals. The primary elemental planes are usually inhospitable to the natives, these natives belong to the material plane.

The material plane has to crush earth, searing flames, huge sea, bold skies all this makes visit several places and can be extremely fatal. The super strong D&D 5e Genasi won’t face any troubles or obstacle when getting started with the mortal world. They easily adapt very well to the blended elements of the entire material plane. They can even sometimes visit their own volition. All this is completed by magical elements. Some form of D&D 5e Genasi can even follow the mortal guise and can travel to unknown places anonymously.

D&D 5e Genasi

During the basic visit, it the mortals can easily get a sight of the Genasi 5e. You can also notice a budding form of friendship and puppy romance blooming. In some cases the child can also be formed. The children here are the Genasi basically the individuals which have ties in two or more words.

But unfortunately, they don’t below to either of it. There are some cases where the D&D Genasi is the born of mortal Genasi unions the other two can be the parents but they are usually rare and can be part of their family tree. The main element follows the heritage and has dominant for generations.

Genasi Statistics

Size Medium
Type Humanoid
Alignment Usually neutral

Genasi General Info

Vision Darkvision
Average Lifespan 72–110 years
Homeland’s Abeir, Akanûl, Calimshan, Laerakond
Language’s Common, Primordial
Subraces Earth genasi, fire genasi, stormsoul genasi, water genasi, air genasi, etc.

Genasi Appearance

Average Height 5’7″ – 6’2″
Average Weight 130–225 lbs

In some cases, the Genasi 5e can be from the result of exposure to different powerful elements. The phenomena are usually the eruption from the inside planes, it can be also due to the planar convergences. The total energy of the element station of any creature is that particular area can change the overall natural and can also affect the offspring without other similar mortals. All these mortals are usually born as Genasi 5e.

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D&D 5e Genasi Names

The D&D 5e Genasi makes use of the entire naming convention, this is usually the people whom they are raised. They can afterward assume that the different names are to get a capture of their overall heritage. It can vary from a different domain like a famous, wave, ember or even onyx. Check out firbolg height and stats much more about this race.


The Genasi 5e makes use of 4 prominent subraces which are famously found in the world of D&D , they are namely the Genasi 5e in air, earth, fire, and water. You can select any one of them as per your choice.

D&D Genasi Traits

The character of the D&D Genasi is determined by the character which has something in the common and these also exist in another type of D&D Genasi


You can communicate with the D&D Genasi in a different language to speak, read and even write. It can be both common and primordial. The Primordial is nothing but the guttural language and can be filled using the harsh syllables and similar consonants.

Ability Score Increase

The entire constitutional score is raised by the number 2.


The maturity age of Genasi 5e is similar to that of human beings, it can easily reach the adulthood in their late teenage years. Thy live a longer life as compared to human species, it can be more than 120 years.


The overall independent and self-reliant and D&D 5e Genasi are believed to move towards the neutral alignment easily.


The usually D&D 5e Genasi size can be different as their parents are built and have a similar physique like human beings. It can be anywhere located at the speed of 5 feet to more than 6 feet tall. The size usually remains medium.


The overall speed of D&D 5e Genasi is nearly 30 feet walking.

The property of the D&D 5e Genasi

The super powerful D&D 5e Genasi comes with the decedent from the djin. It is easily changeable and similar to that of a weather, it can also take the feel for your mood and can shift from any feeling like calm to windy type. It can be violent and has some little warning. The storms are very long lasting and super powerful. Have a loot this lizardfolk 5e and other things about it.

Ability Score Increase

The D&D Genasi has an ability score of more than 1 and it drastically increases with the dexterity.

Heirs To Elemental Power

When the D&D 5e Genasi inherits it has the properties from both the side and can also resemble the human being sometimes. This D&D 5e Genasi has unusually skin colour, it can be sometimes red, green, gray, blue or even a mix of these rare colour. They have usually something odd about themselves and the blood of elements usually flow through their body veins. The D&D 5e Genasi exhibits different property and possesses a magical power which is very high.

When you notice through the silhouette, the Genasi 5e can exhibit the behavior of a human being present inside the earth or even sometimes in water. The overall decent can be heavier and the one from air or fire can be lighter in weight. The Genasi 5e has some unique features like the reminiscent of dead parents, it can be pointed ear region, a frame which thick hair, draft, tiny hands and super tiny feet’s.

It can also have large eyes and gigantic forms. D&D Genasi doesn’t have any contact with their parents, even though they come from their elementary parents. They only have a primary interest in their offspring who are mortal. This can be seen accidentally and some cannot even feel their Genasi.

There are few Genasi who live in an outer world which has outcasts and driven into the outer world. This can be due to their unsettling appearance and unique magical force. They usually possess high leadership quality and can affect the humanoids. They can come to the weird area and usually untamed lands.

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Another benefit of position is due to the high level of influence and elements which are generally revered. Sometimes the D&D 5e Genasi can even revere and leaves the material plane and can stay as a refugee in the households on their parents which again are a Genasi

Wild And Confident

Genasi 5e are rally species which are very low in the overall confidence level, you can notice themselves as a powerful and challenging person in their path. They definitely will have manifest and are grateful. They assure themselves  single genesis and can be arrogant in another case.

This kind of self-confidence can put the Genasi 5e at risk, the overall plans can get affected and they will eventually get troubled. High level of fire can but the D&D Genasi down and they can lack the much-needed conference, they need to push themselves to work hard and improve.

This will eventually boost their talent and make them perfect in their craft interest. We recently written goblin 5e race article and we covered each and everything about it.

Genasi Lands

It is a different kind of being which can live their entire life without facing or keep in contact with any type of similar being in their entire life. These kind of Genasi 5e are definitely not best in their empires or cities. They usually have small communities and they have their own and can easily adapt other’s culture and follow the society where they are born.

The appearance is very strange and it can be hard sometimes for them. They can easily lose and teeming cities. The best part is, they differ in appearance usually rarely raises the eyebrow and keeps the place in a single place, the people variety is different.

Genasi On Athas

Although the overall world can include one or more kind of elemental place which can easily feature on the Genasi, the world on the entire campaign is dark sun which sets and these powerful elemental forces hold the great heights and they usually do not want other worlds.

The people who come across and touch the elemental power are considered as the seers who are usually the chose ones are super powerful. The birth of the D&D 5e Genasi can be a form of slaves, noble or any kind of desert tribe. It is usually an auspicious event which is believed to be given to a form of Genasi and is considered as great and highly family.

Those are located at the beginning are supposed to face much hard time. It can be due to the less number of different accepting mild. It can be sometimes due to the cold shoulder and weird kind of glare which is the best Genasi 5e. You can also expect it more in the backward location, they can face obstacles and even violent sometimes. People sometimes actively consider them as friends. When someone is facing the difficult time, these weird Genasi can seek the location in the wild locally and can make the mountains, forest, deserts, lakes or underground area as their home.

Several kinds of air and fire D&D 5e Genasi are in the state of realms and are usually the djinn descendants which can easily rule Calimshan. When this kind of ruler can overthrow the child are planet touched and scattered everywhere. More than 1000 years the D&D 5e Genasi bloodiness is spread in different lands. The farm from common air and fire can be easily found in the western area which is usually on the coast. Some of these D&D 5e Genasi can stay ancient homeland.

In another way, the water and the earth have nothing in common history, it can have an individual difficulty and struggle in tracking their own form of lineage. It sometimes can skip the generation or two occasionally. Sometimes the D&D 5e Genasi emerged from the north, it can spread out in a different direction, sometimes the coastal area and larger space. It comes in different area sure doing the sea and other location.

The overall distant land of Zakhara is the most inhabitant’s location the Genasi 5e can have a spell cast which can easily enter the bargains and can give better results. The source of great and has the best history in that particular land.

The overall background of the Genasi 5e

Every Genasi 5e is durable and has its self-empowerment which can follow some background as per their choice. These air Genasi 5e are very happy and proud of the overall heritage and follow some sort of haughtiness. It can be anything like being a flamboyant or deep follower of the audience.

They don’t usually prefer to start in a particular place for a long duration, they look for new accommodation very seen where they can explore and breathe peacefully. They don’t prefer to live in any particular it can be anything like plains, High Mountain, and deserts.

It sometimes can also include different entertainer and noble location. D&D 5e Genasi makes use of the appropriate background and the entire earth D&D 5e Genasi have superior withdrawal power, it keeps the overall connection to the earth and is very comfortable in different cities.

It has different size and strength which makes it as a natural form of soldiers and can easily suppress the demeanour which usually encourages them. There are their favoured element and can easily emerge from the caves. Sometimes it roams in the area like hills and mountain. Have a look at this kenku race 5e race.

The D&D Genasi from the fire finds it difficult with their superpower fiery tempers. It is the cousin of air D&D Genasi and can flaunt the powerful common folks. Sometimes these Genasi prefer to showcase superiority over the regular folk. It can easily share a different kind of opinion and can easily enhance their own reputation.

Sometimes the background of Genasi 5e could be of hero, folk person, noble guy or even a criminal. The water genesis has similar experience and can travel around different sea levels and vessels. They are the perfect mariner and fishes which keeps the water clear and prefer to keep it quiet and solitude.

The entire winter shores appear to be extremely natural and very homely. The can leave and visit any places they choose it, it can be anything as per their own choice and they are only about rare things. The best background of water makes the Genasi 5e water element as a sailor or a hermit.

Unending Breath

It can easily hold up to an incapacitated level of breath.

Unending Breath Mingled with the wind

You can easily cast the levitate spell, it is powerful and can come with an effective trait which does not need any material or component to get started. It can easily regain the overall ability to cast it effective when you complete the long rest.

Earth Genasi 5e

This super powerful earth Genasi 5e have a powerful descended which is usually cruel and super greedy, they are not necessarily evil in nature. If you have got this inheritance quality to control the earth powerup by then you can easily revel the superior strength and come up with a solid and powerful spell. You just need to avoid the rash decision which is not always helpful

D&D 5e Genasi is the elemental earth which has a different show and unique from the individual staying at the next level. It has the powerful bits of dust which is falling from their heavenly bodies and contains some amount of mud in their bodies and clothes Ability Score Increase.

Earth Genasi 5e Traits

Ability Score Increase

The entire strength score can rise up  by 1.

Earth Walk

You can transit in the terrain made of earth or stone

Merge with Stone

No material components have been required to cast the pass without trace and also you do regain the ability to cast this it this way whenever you finish the long rest. For this spell the constitution is your spellcasting ability.

Fire D&D 5e Genasi

It makes use of fire to volatile mood. They can pause the long action and can be considered as an option before making the final choice. The eyes spark like agate. The entire D&D 5e Genasi in earth can have a metallic textured flesh, the skin is similar to dull iron and the skin has some spotted rust and similar to that of a pebble.

Fire Genasi 5e Traits

Ability Score Increase

The entire intelligence score can be up by 1.


You will observe a dim shade of light away from 60 feet.

Reach to the Blaze

You can easily reach up to the 3rd level of it with the help of this spell.

Water Genasi 5e

It is available in the watery area and has moisture near the skin and hair area. IT can be in the form of fresh rain or water. They never get cleaned up and no matter how nicely they bathe. Sometimes others D&D 5e Genasi are shiny and has some polished gemstones, the skin tone is deep bulk or sometimes brownish shade.

Water Genasi 5e Traits

Ability Score Increase

It can be up by 1

Acid Resistance

The individual is protected from acid damage


You can breathe air and water. Can swim at the speed of 30 feet. The overall spellcasting constitution has the ability of this spell. It can easily finish and can take a long rest.

Air Genasi 5e

Being an air genasi 5e, you have been descended from the djinn and being a changeable like the weather your moods will be shift from the calm to wild and also violent with the little warning, but any of these storms rarely last long.

Actually, this type of races (Air Genasi 5e) typically have the light blue skin, hair and also eyes. A faint but the constant breeze accompanies them, tousling the hair and also stirring the clothes. Some of this type of air genasis speak with the breathy voices which are marked by the faint echo. A few display odd patterns in their flesh or they grow crystals from their scalps.

Air genasi 5e traits

Ability Score Increase

Your Dexterity score increases by 1.

Unending Breath

You can hold your breath indefinitely while you’re not incapacitated.

Mingle with the Wind

You can cast a levitate spell once with this mingle with the wind trait and it doesn’t require none of material components and you can regain the ability to cast it with this way whenever you finish a long rest. Constitution is your spellcasting ability for this spell.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1 Q: What 5e book has genasi?

A: In dungeons and dragons 5th edition book and this genasi appears like a player race in the adventure princes of the Apocalypse (2015).

2 Q: How Are Genasi born?

A: Basically, the genasi are one type of people and the offspring of the genies and also the mortals. Some of the genasi are born of the mortal-genie unions but others have two genasi like the parents and also a rare few have the genie furthur up their family tree and also the manifesting an elemental heritage which lain dormant for the generations.

3 Q: Which Book Is Genasi?

A: Actually, genasi is one of the player character races in the dnd 4th edition which introduced in the forgotten realms player’s guide.

4 Q: What Languages do genasi speak?

A:  The common and primordial languages you can speak. Actually, the primordial is the guttural language and filled with the harsh syllables and hard consonants.

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