Leonin DnD 5E Race

Here we are discussing about Leonin dnd 5e race, the leonin guard the shining lands of the Oreskos, the golden plain wherever even a god trespass with seldom. All the prides all of these nomadic, always the lion-like the humanoids which are rarely interact by some other peoples, they are having all they need by their shimmering homeland and even by knowing the treachery of the strangers. But still, some of the leonin would be wondered whatever it lies beyond the Oreskos’s border mountains and also seek to be tested themselves within a wider world.

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D&D Leonin Race 5e Features/Stats

Ability Score Increase: All of your constitution score can be increased by 2, and also your Strength score will increase by 2, and even your strength score increases by 1.

Age: The leonin is get matured and also age at about a similar rate like the humans.

Alignment: The leonin 5e player race tend to be toward the good alignments. However this leonin whoever are focused on a pride lean towards the lawful good.

Size: All the leonins are typically over 6 feet taller, by some of the standing over 7 feet. However your size is medium.

Speed: As per this Leonin dnd 5e stats your base walking speed is 35 feet.

Darkvision: As per this stat you are able to see even in a dim light within 60 feet of you like if it was bright light and also in the darkness like if it was dim light. However you can even not to discern color in the darkness, but only the shades of gray.

Claws: Here your claws are the natural weapons, which is you can easily use to make the unarmed strikes. Al though if you hit with them, then you can deal by slashing the damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier.

Hunter’s Instincts: You can have the proficiency within one of the following skills depends upon your choice: Athletics, Intimidation, Perception, or Survival.

Daunting Roar: As a bonus action, you are able to let out an especially menacing roar. All of the creatures of your choice which are available within 10 feet of you which could hear that you should be succeeded on a wisdom saving throw or else it must become frightened to you unless until the end of your next turn. However the DC of a save equals 8 + your Constitution modifier. However once you have used this specific trait, you are even unable to use it again unless until you would finish the short or a long rest.

Languages: Being this leonin 5e race you can speak, read and also write the common and also leonin.

These are the dnd 5e Leonin race stats you can use these stats while using this dnd race. If you have any queries regarding to this you can ask us from below comment section.

Leonin DnD 5E Names

All the leonin’s are easily recognise themselves by using their names and also with their pride. The names which could tend to be capable of abstract but it snappy, while prides tend to be some traditional, the two-words-put-together names – similar to Dwarves, but more catlike.

Female Names: Aletha, Atagone, Demne, Doxia, Ecate, Eriz, Gragonde, ladma, Koila, Oramne, Seza, Ziore

Male Names: Apto, Athoz, Baragon, Bryguz, Eremoz, Gorioz, Grexes, Oriz, Pyxathor, Teoz, Xemnon, Xior

Pride Names: Embereye, Flintclaw, Goldenfield, Ironmane, Starfeller, Sunguides

DnD 5E Leonin Race Theros

This dnd 5e leonin race theros is among the new dnd race which has introduced was the leonin, nomadic, lion-like humanoids those who travel in the prides. However, in the theros, the leonin guard the lands of Oreskos and it seldomnly interact by the other creatures; even though the gods very rarely trespass upon their territory and also the oreskos provides all of them with everything they need to thrive.

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