Yuan-ti Pureblood

Yuan-ti purebloods are the most human-seeming of all Yuan-ti. They are snake-human hybrids, which were created in the earliest days of civilization. Their culture fell from an advanced and enlightened state into cruelty and fanaticism. Purebloods are described as human-like with minor reptilian features like a forked tongue, snake-like eyes, and patches of scales on their skin.

Their height and weight range is the same as humans. Purebloods usually speak the language of their race, which involves a great deal of rating noises and hissing that require a forked tongue to execute. Most of the purebloods also learn Common in order to blend into foreign areas.

Yuan-ti Pureblood

Yuan-ti Pureblood Traits

Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence score increases by 1, and your Charisma score increases by 2.

Alignment: Yuan-ti Purebloods tend to be Neutral Evil as they care little for law or chaos. Purebloods are devoid of emotion and see others as tools and they use those tools to manipulate.

Age: Purebloods mature and age at the same rate as Humans and have a similar lifespan as well.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Size: Purebloods match humans in size and weight. Your size is Medium.

Magic Resistance: You have an advantage on saving throws which are against spells and other magical effects

Darkvision: You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Poison Immunity: Your character is immune to poisoned conditions and poison damage

Innate Spellcasting: You know the Poison Spray cantrip. This trait helps you to cast Animal Friendship (snakes only) an unlimited number of times. You can target only snakes with it. You can also cast Suggestion with this trait at the 3rd level. After casting once, you will not be able to do so again until you finish a long rest. For these spells, Charisma is your spellcasting ability.

Languages: Yuan-ti purebloods speak Yuan-ti language, Common, and any regional languages. They also can speak Draconic or Abyssal.

Yuan-ti Pureblood Stats:

Size Medium
Type Humanoid
Tag’s Yuan-ti

General Info:

Vision Darkvision
Average Lifespan 80 – 120 years
Homeland’s Chult, Hlondeth, Tashalar, Western Heartlands
Language’s Yuan-ti, Common, Draconic, Abyssal
Favored Climate Warm


Average Height 4’7″ – 6’6″
Average Weight 90 – 280 lbs.
Distinctions Human appearance, with very subtle snake features, Slim hips, Fangs, Forked tongue, Patches of scaly skin, Snake eyes, Psionic abilities, Serpent form

Yuan-ti Pureblood Abilities

D&D Yuan-ti purebloods are not as powerful as any other yuan-ti forms but they have psionic powers. They can morph their bodies into the form of any viper by force of will alone. Furthermore, they can easily sense the presence of any poison nearby and are resistant to magic. They are not as intelligent as half-bloods but they are more intelligent on average than Humans.

With psionic powers, Yuan-ti purebloods can charm other humanoids, entrance animals, to create darkness, cause fear, and to command plants to entangle opponents. Purebloods are very adept at impersonating humans, and often entered human settlements in disguise as spies.


Yuan-ti purebloods are perfectionists. They only use high-quality weapons. They would weaken a foe from a distance rather than engage in melee combat. If there is a fight, the purebloods would be sent as a more powerful and “valuable” yuan-ti. Purebloods are often equipped with bore scimitars, studded leather armor, and heavy shield. They usually poisoned their arrows and blades. The ones who are trained in combat favor the skills of rangers.

Yuan-ti Pureblood Personality

Purebloods are thoroughly wicked but despite that, most of them have magnetic personalities. They tend to be self-centered and arrogant like other varieties of Yuan-ti.

Purebloods are the least likely of the true yuan-ti breeds to stay attached to their tribe. They can easily disguise themselves. Purebloods have the freedom to pursue their own interests wherever such things took them. They use grafts to modify their bodies. The new serpentine body parts can easily hide underneath clothing or magic.

Yuan-ti Pureblood Society

Yuan-ti purebloods serve a special role in their society by being agents, assassins, liaisons or spies as they can hide their serpentine features very easily.


Most Yuan-ti purebloods worship the god Sseth. Sometimes free-wandering purebloods worship the god Varae instead of Sseth. On the other hand, some sects are known to worship demons.

Both female names or male names have the “Hissing Sound, Heat or Scent Variations as names” which is ending with the letter “S” also Z, SH, T, L, V, TH, H type of sounds too.


Yuan-ti purebloods were created by The Sarrukh – one of the creator races. Sarrukh created this race ages ago in precise magical breeding experiments by combining serpents, humans, and Sarrukh themselves.

Yuan-ti Pureblood Names

Yuan-ti pureblood names either female names or male names has the “Hissing Sound, Heat or Scent Variations as names” which is ending with the letter “S” also Z, SH, T, L, V, TH, H type of sounds too.

In the Serpent Kingdom supplement many names we can see  but it doesn’t have a proper way of names they scattered in the book in the form of improper way.

Male Names:

Akris, Athanos, Daziss, Ischyros, Kress, Mariss, Oshphim, Salethar, Sarek, Selanu, Sellak, Shanastar, Shiraal, Silass, Thaxos, Tithian, Xamres, Xutan, Zorai, Zureth.

Female Names:

Ashissa, Caress, Daïsha, Deryssa, Ibisis, Ivaniss, Lalassu, Nassirah, Nessa, Nysia, Pyrrha, Saaveed, Sadai, Salah, Shallia, Suehra, Thassia, Veeshis, Ydriss, Zivlil.

Notable Yuan-ti Purebloods:

  • The Rhaunister family of Mhairhetel
  • Mruthlissk, a male yuan-ti shadowdancer
  • Tathtlass, a female yuan-ti assassin
  • Dmetiro Extaminos, leader of Hlondeth’s Cult of the Dragon
  • Iraska, the “Slime King”
  • Zaltys Serrat
  • Nhyris D’Hothek, possessor of the Crown of Horns
  • Netocris bin Shalah

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